50 Shades of Cool

50 Shades of cool  is a 2D, retro style beat’em up game made in Unity 5, where the coolest guy in the world loses his coolness in the moment that the Evil Boss steals his collection of 50 sunglasses. So beat down those who dare stand in his way in order to retrieve his coolness.

This project is made in Unity 5 in barely two months with a team of four people, where I took the role of the artist in the team and the lead of the following tasks:

  • Concept art – Design of all the characters, environment assets and props in the game.
  • Character and Environment Design – Creation of the characters, enemies and backgrounds, in a retro pixel style, with the inspiration of the late 80’s beat’em’ups arcades.
  • Animation – Frame by frame animation of 2 main protagonists and 7 different enemies.
  • Implementation in Unity 5 – Importing and art passing the levels with the environment assets and implementing the spritesheets.
  • UI/UX design and cutscenes: Creation of the necessary items for an intro, ending, cutscenes and art pass of UI elements.


The project is completed, free and ready to play in this link: 50 Shades Of Cool

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