(This  post is sorted by ascendant date, being the companies on top the most recent ones I worked in)

My next adventure was joining Beat Games (company owned my Meta) to work on Beat Saber, a VR rhythm game where you slash the beats of adrenaline-pumping music as they fly towards you, surrounded by a futuristic world. Beat Saber is the highest-earning, most profitable VR game on the planet (as February 2023)

“Beat Saber” (Beat Games, 2022-present)(PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5)
o 3D Artist: Creating assets, reviewing and fixing visual bugs

EAAfter working with Relic I got an offer from EA to join the Battlefield 2042 team as a Hard Surface Artist.

We were supporting Dice Stockholm with assets, mostly weapons, vehicles and seasonal content.

“Battlefield 2042” (EA/DICE, 2021-2022) (PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S)
o Hard surface artist: 3D modeling, UV mapping and texturing weapons, gear and vehicles
o 3D assets supervisor: Creating detailed briefs for the creation of assets, reviewing and fixing bugs

I joined Relic, (a company owned by Sega) as Prop Artist in August 2019, and we were working in the 3rd instalment of the acclaimed RTS game, Company of Heroes.
The game was released on February 2023 and it was very well received from both press and players.

“Company of Heroes 3” (Relic, 2019-2021) (PC, PlayStation 5, XBOX series X/S)
o Environment artist: 3D modeling, UV mapping and texturing props and environment assets.

I had the pleasure to work at Next Level Games (NLG) in Downtown Vancouver. This company, owned by Nintendo, has released multiple AAA games like Punch Out, Mario Strikers and Luigi’s Mansion.
During the time I worked there I was able to work as Environment/Prop artist in an amazing project that was launched in 2019.

Because of the confidentiality contract, I am only able to talk about a few things on this project in an enclosed environment. So, if you want to know more, feel free to contact me: Contact

It was a big honor when Capcom contacted me to join the company back in 2016. I was working in some amazing projects until its closure in 2018.

“Unannounced project” (Capcom, 2017-2018)
o Environment artist: 3D modeling, UV mapping and texturing props and environment assets.
(Due to confidentiality contract, I can only talk briefly about this project in a closed environment, contact me for more info)
“Puzzle Fighter” (Capcom, 2017) (Android, IOS)
o Environment artist: 3D modeling, UV mapping and texturing props and environment assets.
o Video Editor: Capturing and editing video for trailers and marketing.
“Dead Rising 4” (Capcom, 2016) (XBOX One, PlayStation 4, PC)
o Prop Artist: 3D modeling, UV mapping and texturing props.
o Video and assets Editor: Capturing and editing video and images for games conventions, marketing, and game content (tutorials, background videos).
o Marketing assistant: Capturing and editing video, images and renders to support the game in social media, internet and press kits.

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