Face to Face

Face to Face is a 2D, 1vs1 fight arena, with pixel retro style, where players have to beat the opponent using the weapons found on the stage and with a time constrain of 60 seconds.
I made this game by myself in Unity 5, when I was learning programming, so it was a challenge to put in practice C# and Unity behavior.

This project is made in Unity 5 in one month, where I took all the roles:

  • Art – Design and creation of the character sprites, weapons and stages
  • Programming – Everything is done from the scratch, all the code lines are written in C# and used Unity 5 as engine, where I implemented a pool manager and a screen manager for the pop-menus.
  • Animation – Frame by frame animation of the main character, stage movement and the laser splitting the screen.
  • UI/UX design: Creation of all UI/UX assets and menus.


The project is completed, free and ready to play in this link: Face to Face
(only for 2 players, sharing keyboard)

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